Welcome to 3D Virtual Cockfighting, the newest 3D Virtual Prize Cockfighting multiplayer game online! In this new 3D Virtual Cockfighting Game you take on the role of a prize gamecock on the professional cockfighting circut. With each battle your gamecock will become stronger and faster while earning money to spend on weapons and armor. Will your 3D Virtual Gamecock be the ultimate victor?

Game News:

{07/09/2000} Well You Guy's That Joined Are Probally Wondering What's With The New Layout?? Well Here It Is You've All Asked For It The New And Improved 3D Virtual Cockfighting And The Best Part Is When You Join It's Totally Better Cause It's All Re-written In The New Java-script Programing Language!!
{09/20/2000} The 3D Virtual Cockfighting Release Date Is Behind Schedule Got The Sign-Up Script Working Ok, But I'm Still Having Some Problem's With The Login Java Script Coding So You Can't Login As Of Yet, And If You Try It Probally Won't Work, So Please Bare With Me As I Continue Correcting The Errors On The Login Javascript HTML Coding.
{Current Percentage Of The 3D Virtual Cockfighting Game Done So Far:}

"The Percentage Of The 3D Virtual Cockfighting Online Game Is Currently At {2%} But The Percentage Will Increase Soon So Don't Worry Cause The Water Is Warm And You're Very Happy!!!!"
{3D Virtual Cockfighting Game Player Notes:}

"The 3D Virtual Cockfighting Online Game Will Be Added Soon!!"
{3D Virtual Cockfighting Game Tip Of The Day:}

"Strong Growing Virtual GameCocks Usally Start Out As Eggz!!"

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Note: JavaScript is required!

Creating your GameCock

First, you must create a new player by clicking "Create a new 3D Virtual GameCock" above. The form will than ask you for five items, including a name and password. Keep the name short and simple, because you'll need to type it in each time you play. Be sure to remember your password too!

Your "battle cry" is what your enemies will see when you fight them. It can be changed at any time during the game. Next, select a picture to represent your GameCock and click "create."

Your stats

After entering the game you will see your statistics. Your strength and dexterity help you in battle. The higher the better! If you purchase or find weapons and armor, they will be shown as +number. Again, higher is better. Money is the amount of money you have, which can be spent in the "shop." Experience is a measure of how good your GameCock is. Battle cry is what you shout to your opponents in battle. The news section will be blank at first, but if someone attacks you, it will be shown there. You can click the "clear" button to clear your news.

Fighting other players and There GameCocks

When you click the "fight" button you will be shown two lists of players and There GameCocks. The left list shows 25 players and GameCocks that are close to your experience level. The right list shows the 10 best players and There GameCocks. You'll want to fight people close to your level, unless you're suicidal. Click the fight button to the right of a name to fight. You can also type in the name of any player to fight.

When you are fighting someone, your strength, weapon, and a little luck is compared with your opponent's dexterity and armor. Whoever is better will probably win the fight. If you win, you'll take some of the opponent's gold of he had any. You might also find armor or weapons.

You will also gain some of your opponent's experience. If the amount you gain is high enough, your strength or dexterity will increase. If you fight low level players, your experience will go up slowly, and you'll never gain stats. This is why you should fight players slightly better than you are.

Items and money

You can purchase items by clicking the "shop" button. Inside you'll see a list of weapons and armor you can purchase.

The chicken coop is a special item. If you own one, there is a chance that an attacker will be unable to get inside the coop.

You can sell your weapon, armor, and other items by clicking the "sell" button next to them in your stats page. You can also transfer money to other players from the stats page. Just fill out how much you want to give, and who to give it to.

Have fun!